2023 Season

After finishing the 2022 Funny car cup as champions the team also knew the 2022 winter season would be busy.

At the European finals at Santa pod raceway the car suffered a big fire, mainly and firstly Steve Ashdown done an excellent job in getting the car stopped and its events like this we are grateful for the safety equipment on these Top Fuel cars that keep the drivers safe but the car was not in good shape. 

Now in 2023 with a few parts delayed and issues with new systems the Workshop Team, Dave, John, Geoff, Jay and Tyler built the car back up with new parts and upgrades, the team is excited to get back on track.

First round of the 23 championship - Main Event 26th / 29th of May 

Steve, Dave and the Team were gutted the car didn't qualifying but on the plus side we got some data from the car, the team worked tirelessly fixing every gremlin the car threw at them. The car will come back to the workshop where the workshop team will check everything over before The undertaker comes out for round 2 of the funny car cup. 

Round 2 of the 23 championship - BUG JAM 21st / 23rd of July 

Bug Jam was a much better time out for the car, the new upgrades really showing a big difference in the cars shorts Numbers, in one weekend the car broke a long standing PB to 330ft twice one run after the other.

Qualified 2nd, finished the event in 2nd place after we couldn't make the final round with the European Record holder Kevin Kent and the West Ten team. 

Dave Bryant - The Team and the Car Really worked well this weekend and that really showed in the pits and on the track this weekend, all the issues we had at the main event seem to be ironed out from what I can see so far, Now the car is motoring like never before, I have found the oil pump is struggling to keep up with demands which did cause some damage on the crank and journals which is why we couldn't make the final round, but we have one on order from my Good friend over the pond Terry Haddock and Thank you to Bodie for sourcing us parts over the winter and during the season too. 

Steve Ashdown - Really happy with Team and the Car this weekend, Dave and the Team are turning the car into a hot rod like none other, Myself and the team were gutted we couldn't make the final round this weekend but we damaged the crank and Dave found this to be because the Oil pump can't keep up with what the engine needs but overall Really happy with the potential of this new car. 

Round 3 Final Round of the 23' Championship - European Finals 

European Finals was a great event which also saw the end of the funny car cup with kevin chapman and patrick pers coming back out for the final time in 2023.

The Car qualifed 2nd with a 4.545 @ 203mph with the front wheels hanging in the air at half track, After making some changes we headed out to the first round of eliminations.

First round of elimation the car took out Jason phelps in the Gladiator car which also was Dave Bryant's and Steve Ashdowns long standing Pb over a 1000ft with a 4.281 @264mph. The car came back, the Guys Lee, John, Chris, Dan, Tyler, Marie and Grace serviced the car and it was Clean, no engine damage the short numbers where good but still had some improvement, after Dave and Jay studied the data Dave also said the car had more in it.

The finals of the european finals, After all we are in britain so in true fasion a storm rolled over after having 3 days of serious heat which stopped all racing but the santa pod track crew kept on top of it and by 7pm the track was back open, which saw Steve ashdown vs Kevin Kent in the final, Kevin Kent took the win.

Qualifed 2nd, finished The event in 2nd place, which secured our 2nd place postion in the 23' Funny car cup.

2023 season has been full of Ups and downs with the dramtic car fire ending last year season and the issues with waiting for parts and also new parts not working etc this year has been the toughest season to date but without fail the Team worked tiredlessly to get on top of every issue that occured at the workshop and at the track. 

The team was so happy to see the car getting down the track and then also getting back intos the 4.50's / 4.40's and then to smash out a 4.281 with steve coming off the throttle 3.9 secs into the run ! That was a swift reminder to the team why we are the best.

Thank you to the santa pod racers club, fire safety, doctors, paramedics, air ambulance, Med centre and the prosecure security to keeping all us safe and allow us to do what we do. 


awaiting comments from Dave bryant and Steve ashdown. 


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