• Where did the team orginate from

    It all started with a long term top fuel crew chief Dave bryant who heard that Steve Ashdown was driving Top fuel dragster and wanted to get some seat time in a Top Fuel Funny car, Dave had a chance to meet up with the rising Top Fuel dragster driver.

    After many meetings and cups of coffee later Steve carried out required familiaristion run and the timed and blinded escape which checked out.

    Dave and Steve then signed the deal when they agreed to become partners.

  • Performance

    The Top fuel funny car class run the same engines as the top fuel dragster class, only noticable difference is the wheel base, with the funny car being a much shorter wheel base it makes the drivers have to be alert and hands on at all times, NO Race is the same. With the wheel base being shorter this effects how the power is put down.

    Engine - Billet aluminum 500 CI Hemi V8

    Super charger - Twin rotor PSI

    Clutch - inside the triple layered titanium bell housing is a 5 plate clutch after the 18 lever cover plate

    Fuel - 32 fuel injectors filled with Nitromethane and methonal mix

    Spark - 2 spark plugs per cylinder powered by 2 44amp MSD magnetos

    Total power output - 10 / 12,000 hp

  • Undertaker Racing Funny car Cup standings

    Steve Ashdown

    Event wins - 6

    Championship wins - 1

    PB 4.281 @ 264 mph